About Us

Welcome to Saronyhijab

Found in 1989, we started off as a small business buying and reselling for marginal profits. On later years, we have grown to have our own factories and a group of hard working employees ready to fulfill any demand from customers.

Sarony focuses on quality and we put it on the top of our priority, we have 2 business models, one is where we produce inspired hijab/telekung for resellers who want a fast way to start the business. The second model is where we help you produce your own hijab/telekung or any other Islamic clothing with your own brand name. We will take care of everything from the materials, manufacturing, labeling, shipping and distribution. You simply need to choose one of many designs from our portfolio or provide us with your own designs and customization.

We are dedicated to help your business grow, help you build the life that you want. Together we will be successful. Thank you for trusting Sarony.

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